Melinda Wilde's Projects

People always ask me what I've been up to, or they glance around the studio and ask me to show them my new work. I need to tell you that sometimes my "new work" doesn't manifest itself as paintings on the wall. Of late, I have been extremely busy producing a set of 5 instructional DVDs and just prior to that, I painted a 55 foot mural at the local elementary school library. I hope you will explore this page on my site and enjoy the pictures of the many other works, that don't neccessarily hang on the wall.

Recent Projects

skillshare videos

March 02, 2019
This is a note to say that my videos are now available only on SkillShare at the following link

a new door for the Gabriola Museum

May 18, 2017
the hard working gang at our local museum thought of a great gig for the kids that come through...let them create the leaves with their finger prints on an arbutus tree mounted on the front door. So there it is, just waiting for the first prints this coming Sunday at the grand opening!

At the Feeder

November 04, 2016
YEAH!!!! I finally did it! My little bird for children...well and adults too is out! It's a fun and informative little book, detailing my experience watching the birds that come to my feeder. A great way to get to know the local birds. A project I have wanted to do for years and here it is! $22.00 and I will mail it to you!

Deep Discovery Mural

August 04, 2014
Here's a new mural done for the Gabriola Fellowship Church's summer camp. The camp was a blast!

Flood!!! ahhh!!!

September 29, 2013
Through my own stupidity, I've flood my studio. But you know what they say,..There's no great loss without some small gain. I feel the whole mess was divinely inspired because now I have a beautiful new work of art on my studio floor! And the tide is coming in!

and the glory of the lord shome round about them

December 07, 2012
This mural for the Gabriola Fellowship church was what I refer to as a "fill me up" project. I knew where I wanted to go and God gave me the energy and inspiration.

Pool Room Mural

July 28, 2012
Was delighted to paint this piece. 5 feet by 62 feet...what a marathon as it was time sensitive because it was a gift. Only 5 days to paint....lots of hours each day.

Pole Painting Day!!!

July 16, 2012
B C Hydro has given the Gabriola Arts COuncil permission to paint some hydro poles going up the ferry hill.I was pleased to be chosen to do one! Follow the link for a few pics of the event

Come Paint with Me

June 18, 2012
Had a wonderful afternoon at Coats Marsh. So serene with bird calls and cool bugs that came to visit my paper while I painted. Took my pooch and have to say she was a great painting companion. Here's a snap of the piece I did...tons of negative painting! Wanted to get those new spring greens in. I'll be away for the next 3 Sundays and so will resume the "Come Paint with Me" Sundays from 2 - 4 on July 15th. Hope to see you then!

helpus group goalie helmet

August 17, 2011
Shaw asked me to paint a helmet for the team captain of his hockey charity that raises funds for the local food bank and the school lunch program. Here it is! To see more pics of the helmet please visit the painting gallery under Helpus Group Captain's helmet

Kaleb's Mural

August 17, 2011
This was an awesome project! Kaleb wanted a mural in his room and he wanted to participate. So we brainstormed, he came up with his idea and with his help it evolved into this! To see more pics please visit the painting gallery under Kaleb's Mural.

I GOT THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!

June 04, 2010
I got the box!!! The B.C. Ferries box that is. The great gray metal monstrosity down at the ferry terminal on the Gabriola side. What have I "got" about it? Actually it's what I "get" to do...I get to paint it!!!! I won the bid to paint this large publc site and I'll keep you posted as it transpires.Click here the see the progression of "the box".

Mural at Gabriola Elementary School

June 28, 2009
Whew! This has been a real "ahhh!!!!"(that is NOT a sigh of relief!) project. After the first day of laying part of the base colours, I came home totally overwhelmed and discouraged with the immensity of the task. And the fairies did not do their part during the night so all 55 feet of mural space was still available for the painting in the morning.
The kids picked the undersea topic and stopped by daily to oooh and ahhh(different from the ahhh! above) over the new additions. (total payment for me!) Of course suggestions were made,such as yellow submarines and great white sharks, which would have been cool, to be sure, but I decided to limit the characters to things I had seen on my diving excursions and knew in fact did exist in our local waters.

In the end,along with an intensely aggravated neck and back, I completed the project in around 60 hours,which I thought was rather speedy. Click here to see more of this project.

Tess' Kingdom

November 01, 2008
Judy talked me into it! Fairies and castles are not in any way my genre of art but Princess Tess is so cute and such a benevolent monarch; how could I say no?

After my first day at the under construction Manana B+B, I was SO into making Tess the most amazing kingdom with beautiful fairies and a castle that King Arthur himself would want to move into. Judy has that effect on people...the ultimate smoozzer but very sincere also. It was her attitude, that gave me the gall to walk onto someones' designer home and paint pictures on their walls.

The total size was 9 feet high by about 14 feet long. 20 hours give or take.

Please click here to view more extensive pictures of Tess' Kingdom.

Mural at Agricultural Association Hall

March 02, 2005
Yeah!!! I've completed my first public mural! I felt like Michelangelo when Howard came up with the rolling scaffold for me to sit on in order to reach the mural location which was 9 feet off the ground. Great idea Howard! The total size was 3 1/2 feet high by 34 feet long...a bit of a composition challenge.
I tried to make it light and fun, for kids especially; hoping they would enjoy looking for their favorite animal. Howard suggested I put the antique farm equipment out front of the hall, in the mural. He is full of great ideas! A few last minute sketches of those beasts in the parking lot, enabled me to do that. The Agi Hall Association folks seem very pleased.
Duration of project...around 60 hours.

Please click here to view all segments of the Agi Hall mural.

Islands in the Salish Sea Community Atlas

February 01, 2002
I was delighted when asked to produce a map of Gabriola for this project which the Land Trust Alliance was undertaking.
The idea for the background of the map was a no brainer for had to be my favorite place in the whole wide world..Berry Point, complete with arbutus tree, seals, Entrance Island, sunset,Mt Baker with moon over top and the coastal range in the distance.
The content on the map proved a little more difficult as the only criteria I was given was that it had to look like a map (Land Trust Allince planned to publish an altas in the future)
EJ Hurst, the co-ordinator and I spent many a wintry day deciding what would go on the map to give the essence of our beloved island.